Concrete Resurfacing– Upgrade Your Desert Hot Springs Residence

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If you are looking to breathe a bit of new life into your home’s exterior, you should absolutely consider concrete resurfacing!  Instead of spending time and money on a physical addition to your home, such as a new patio cover, you can focus your efforts on your concrete and in turn, save a substantial amount of money.  It’s quite easy for one to overlook the concrete work of their home, such as their garage floor, pool deck, patio deck, and driveway.  We walk on these surfaces every single day, meaning that they are subject to some of the most wear and tear out of anywhere else in our homes.  However, how often do we stop and look at the condition of these surfaces?  And when they are worn down, do we ever acknowledge it?  

The truth is that it’s fairly rare for someone to realize that they should invest in concrete resurfacing.  However, how much can an addition to the exterior of your home actually improve its appearance, if your concrete still clearly shows the years of wear and tear?  Worn concrete is an eyesore and can also become a safety hazard if it goes long enough without any maintenance.  That’s why Concrete Concepts Design offers the following concrete resurfacing services for Desert Hot Springs residences.  Not only can they greatly improve your home’s exterior appearance, but they can also make for a safer home altogether.  Below are some ways that you can bring your home up to date with our concrete resurfacing services:          


Resurfacing the concrete on your patio can update your home’s exterior just as a new patio cover might.  However, it is a less expensive process that requires much less time.  Concrete Concepts Design uses only the best, top-quality concrete products to ensure that your completed project will be both durable and stylish.  We offer a wide selection of customizable decorative concrete designs, which can be viewed on our website here.  We are positive that our concrete resurfacing services can vastly improve the visual components of both your front and back yards.  We provide top-notch service to match the quality of our products.    

Garage Floor

Garage floors experience some of the most intense wear and tear out of anywhere else in the home.  From oil leaks, storage use, and even exposure to the elements, the concrete of a garage floor is subject to a lot of collective damage over time.  Although this wear and tear becomes extremely visible, it often goes unnoticed, due to how much the garage is generally used.  However, resurfacing the concrete of your garage floor, can make the entire garage look much newer.  It means starting over in terms of oil stains, scratches, and other forms of wear and tear.  It’s common knowledge that once concrete has been poured, it starts deteriorating.. In other terms, it’s all downhill from there.  That’s why occasionally resurfacing your garage floor is necessary for keeping your home up to date.    

Driveways/ Walkways

The driveways and walkways around your house ideally also go through a lot of wear and tear.  Wheels and shoes can cause concrete to wear down after a few consistent years of use.  These spots are where this kind of wear and tear is most visible on the exterior of your home, thus drastically affecting your home’s appearance.  Resurfacing your driveway and walkway concrete may also make for a much safer home exterior.  As concrete cracks and sometimes even becomes uneven, it can become a safety hazard for people to walk across.  Eliminate these cracks and the hazards they present by resurfacing the concrete occasionally.  It will give the appearance that your home is well-maintained and up to date.     

Pool Deck

If you have a pool, then you know that the concrete surrounding it is subject to an entirely different kind of wear and tear.  Since it is consistently in the sunlight and usually wet, you should probably consider resurfacing this concrete more often that that in other areas of your home.  It’s also important to consider the traction off this surface.  If it is worn down enough, it may become extraordinarily slippery when it is wet.  Thus, here is another of how resurfacing your concrete may make for a safer home.  Concrete Concepts design can also stamp concrete in any variety of patterns, with some customizable options.  When choosing a pattern, you might want to keep traction in mind.  Some patterns produce more traction than others, especially when they are wet.  Our professionals are openly available for you to consult with any questions concerning pool deck resurfacing.   


Perhaps the most popular form of concrete resurfacing, staining can completely change the exterior appearance of any home.  By changing the regular bland grayish/white concrete around your home into a much more visibly appealing stain, you change the entire immediate context surrounding your home.  Staining also gives concrete an effect that simply cannot be replicated with paint.  It enhances the concrete surface, allowing for the texture to show through.  However, it will not repair cracked concrete.  Instead, it will make more cracks visible.  For that reason, we don’t recommend staining extremely old or worn down slabs of concrete.  


Concrete Concepts design is the leader in Concrete Resurfacing around Desert Hot Springs, California.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and personal service.  We work quickly so that you can enjoy the benefits of your new concrete right away.  We also offer the most competitive rates in the area.  Visit our website to schedule your free in-home estimate today!

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