1501, 2018

5 Commercial Construction Tips for Desert Hot Springs

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There are several key elements that you must consider before starting on any commercial construction project, particularly in Desert Hot Springs.  During the beginning phases of any given project, these things should be discussed with the licensed contractor which you’ve hired to complete the construction.  Below is a list of these elements, in the order which you should consider them in.  For instance, it wouldn’t make sense to come up with a design for a project without having at least a basic budget in mind.  That’s just a classic

1812, 2017

Concrete Overlays in Desert Hot Springs, California

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There are many benefits that may come along with concrete overlays, especially in a place like Desert Hot Springs, which has a fairly intense climate.  They may bring about a new level of safety and also style to your home.  It’s no secret that, from the moment concrete is poured, it’s all downhill from there.  It will henceforth be subjected to constant sunlight, other weather elements, and walked over.  All of these factors and more can add up to a lot of wear and tear on the concrete over

1611, 2017

Concrete Resurfacing– Upgrade Your Desert Hot Springs Residence

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If you are looking to breathe a bit of new life into your home’s exterior, you should absolutely consider concrete resurfacing!  Instead of spending time and money on a physical addition to your home, such as a new patio cover, you can focus your efforts on your concrete and in turn, save a substantial amount of money.  It’s quite easy for one to overlook the concrete work of their home, such as their garage floor, pool deck, patio deck, and driveway.  We walk on these surfaces every single day,

1710, 2017

7 Residential Construction Tips for Desert Hot Springs

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Whether you’ve decided to start building a home on a vacant lot which you have recently purchased, or if you’re looking at constructing an addition to your current home, there are many things to consider in terms of safety, budget, and quality.  As there is a lot of room for mistakes, residential construction should be taken very seriously, especially in a place such as Desert Hot Springs, which has a more intense climate than usual.  This calls for precise construction, insulation,  and even measures towards energy efficiency.  That’s why