7 Residential Construction Tips for Desert Hot Springs

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Whether you’ve decided to start building a home on a vacant lot which you have recently purchased, or if you’re looking at constructing an addition to your current home, there are many things to consider in terms of safety, budget, and quality.  As there is a lot of room for mistakes, residential construction should be taken very seriously, especially in a place such as Desert Hot Springs, which has a more intense climate than usual.  This calls for precise construction, insulation,  and even measures towards energy efficiency.  That’s why Concrete Concepts Design is providing this list of 7 tips for high-quality residential construction in Desert Hot Springs:

1. Appliances

When performing any kind of residential construction, it is imperative that you consider which appliances you will install and where.  Even more importantly, you should take energy conservation into account with every appliance you purchase, regardless of how large or small it may be.  Energy Star provides a free “energy calculator” on their website which can help you compare different appliances and your potential energy savings.  Energy Star qualified appliances can save you a TON of money on your electric bills in the long run.  After all, you want whatever you are constructing to be as energy efficient as possible, for any number of reasons.     

2. Solar Power

Solar energy is also crucial when it comes to energy conservation and since you are most likely constructing a new residential building, you have no reason not to utilize it!  Both solar powered water and electricity can greatly reduce energy costs in your home and thus, save you a lot of money in the long run as well.    Solar energy can reduce the need for conventional water heating by up to two-thirds.  That alone can lower your monthly payments!  By utilizing solar power in conjunction with energy efficient appliances as mentioned above, you can drastically lower all energy costs of your home.  You can potentially even produce as much power as your home uses.  

3. Building Materials

You should be completely aware of exactly what building materials you are using for your residential construction project.  Your first priority should be choosing materials which will not be harmful to the residents of the building or to the environment.  Most importantly, you should request that only formaldehyde-free plywoods, adhesives, carpets, etc. be used.   You should also use only low-VOC paints, finishes, and sealants.  Using healthy building materials greatly reduces the risk of injury inside your newly constructed building.  Obviously, you should also make sure that the materials used in your residential construction project are durable, safe, and stable.  Overall safety should be a top priority for your project.       

4. Daylighting

Along the same lines as energy efficiency, you should consider daylighting during the construction of your new project.  Not only can utilizing daylight help you save on your electric bill, but it can also freshen up your home with the warmth of natural daylight.  Consider the direction of your new construction.  Install windows where you can get the most daylight in your house for the longest amount of time.  Consider installing plantation shutters to give yourself more control over the direction of sunlight throughout your home at any given time of the day.  Installations such as light shelves and skylights can be helpful with this concern.  

5. Insulation

It is no secret that homes in Desert Hot Springs are subjected to much more intense weather than in most other parts of the country, or even the state, for that matter.  For that reason, insulation is all the more important when it comes to any residential construction project.  You should seriously consider installing insulation which is higher than that which is required by code.  In fact, we recommend using the best insulation you can possibly buy.  You must also ensure that your insulation is properly installed, in order for it to be used at its fullest potential.  The insulation must be spread evenly to all corners of each wall, instead of simply crammed into one space in order to work effectively. The best way to insure that it is properly installed is to hire a professional to do it for you.     

6. Use a Certified Contractor

In any residential construction project, it is vital that you use a certified contractor.  Remember, in this field, prices which seem to be true probably are.  If a contractor ever refuses to show you their license, you should be extraordinarily cautious about pursuing any further business with them.  Remember that your project will most likely be used by your family members on a daily basis.  For that reason alone, you should ensure that the construction is completed safely and effectively.  Nothing compares to the qualifications of an experienced contractor.  

7. Prevent Extra Charges

You should do your best to personally oversee as much as the construction process as possible.  This will greatly reduce any contractor’s chances of trying to slip some extra charges in without your consent.  Many contractors are not trustworthy.  If this is the case, they might try to say that the work is much more than they expected due to any number of reasons.  Be very weary of any extra fees that seem suspicious.

Concrete Concepts Design is the leader in concrete residential construction in Desert Hot Springs, California.  We are dedicated to providing the best service and products to help you complete your residential construction project, no matter what it might be.  Visit our website today to schedule your free, in-home estimate!

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