5 Commercial Construction Tips for Desert Hot Springs

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There are several key elements that you must consider before starting on any commercial construction project, particularly in Desert Hot Springs.  During the beginning phases of any given project, these things should be discussed with the licensed contractor which you’ve hired to complete the construction.  Below is a list of these elements, in the order which you should consider them in.  For instance, it wouldn’t make sense to come up with a design for a project without having at least a basic budget in mind.  That’s just a classic set-up for disappointment!  The following list has been provided by Concrete Concepts Design in order for you to create and maintain an effective working relationship with your licensed contractor.   They should ideally eliminate the risks of misunderstandings, and therefore make for the most efficient strategy for your commercial construction project.  So, without further ado, let’s get started!

  1. Figure Out Your Budget

Before beginning any project, regardless of its size, importance, or any other factors, it is imperative that you work out a budget.  You might want to consult with your licensed contractor for this step.  Figuring out at least a general budget can help you decide how feasible the project really is.  It can also help you secure your financing agreement, whatever that may be.  For instance, perhaps one loan officer might give you a better rate on one financing plan than another might.  Knowing your budget will really let you understand what your span of options is.  

Lastly, as mentioned before, having your budget worked out can help you finalize your design plans.  For instance, you might have one design plan which is ideally what you really want to pursue.  However, your budget might not be able to support that ambition.  In this case, knowing what your budget is can help you figure out what to cut out in order to still afford your desired design.  Once the budget is determined, the owner sets the required date as to when the project needs to be completed. All of these measures factor into making sure that the project remains within the budget.  If a project takes longer to be completed that was initially estimated, it can end up costing a lot more.  

2. Develop a Design

Whatever your commercial construction project may be, chances are that you have a fairly specific design plan in mind.  Before beginning work on the project, it is important that the owner feels confident that the project’s design will fulfill their needs as well as the needs of whoever else may be utilizing the facility. Therefore, both the design and the functionality requirements should be covered thoroughly when discussing the design-build plan. An owner will expect the design team to be well qualified in the type of facility being designed.

The commercial contractor and owner need to work together to ensure that the design plan for the project is actually buildable. The specifications of the project plans must also be clearly communicated to the contractor’s team. The design documents should be coordinated, constructible and complete and need to take into account any unique features of the building site (i.e. accessibility to site, subsurface conditions and connection with adjoining properties).  In short, make sure that your design plans are realistic.  Can it be possibly completed?  Will it endure?  Asking these two questions can keep you grounded when deciding on a project design.  

3. Set a Realistic Scheduleset a realistic schedule and stick to it

Another very important element of commercial construction is setting a realistic schedule.   This is particularly true if the owner has a “drop dead” due date as to when the project must be completed. A business owner may have critical functional needs of the facility, whether that need is for the specific purpose of providing the needed space to someone or a situation where revenue generation from the facility is of urgent concern. Therefore, it is imperative to set a realistic time frame for project completion. This time frame needs to be determined early in the design planning process.  Don’t underestimate the amount of time that may be required to complete this project, no matter how tempting it may be.  In order for the owner to have confidence that the schedule is being enforced, the contractor should closely monitor the schedule throughout the construction process and promptly advise the owner of any changes.

4. Consider the Risks

One of the main reasons that a clear and concise budget and schedule need to be developed is to avoid any unnecessary risks on the construction project. Regardless of the project’s complexity, all construction projects involve a level of risk.  Providing an unrealistic schedule can cause you to push the work to be done faster, which in turn, raises the risk of injury occurring on the job.  Your timeline should be generous enough to account for precise, top-quality work.  Being prepared and communicative throughout the process can greatly reduce risk. The commercial contractor should be sure that the business owner has a clear understanding of all potential risk areas as well as the parties responsible for managing each of those risks.  Here’s a great video on project risk management.

5. Communicate with Your Contractor

By engaging in early discussions on the items above, project complications can be minimized or avoided altogether. Starting the project with open communication and a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities will benefit all parties involved and result in the desired product.  Find a licensed contractor that you feel a connection with.  It is imperative that you two understand each other.  This can make the difference between a finished project that you are or are not happy with.  

Concrete Concepts design is the leader in Commercial Construction around Desert Hot Springs, California.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and personal service.  We work quickly so that you can enjoy the benefits of your new concrete right away.  We also offer the most competitive rates in the area.  Visit our website to schedule your free in-home estimate today!


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