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There are many benefits that may come along with concrete overlays, especially in a place like Desert Hot Springs, which has a fairly intense climate.  They may bring about a new level of safety and also style to your home.  It’s no secret that, from the moment concrete is poured, it’s all downhill from there.  It will henceforth be subjected to constant sunlight, other weather elements, and walked over.  All of these factors and more can add up to a lot of wear and tear on the concrete over time, which can even result in some visible surface imperfections.  

Not only can concrete overlays cover up these visual imperfections and in turn, give your home a new and improved sense of style, but they can also make for a safer home.  Stamped concrete overlays can provide fresh new patterns on any concrete floor, while also increasing the traction of it.  Some stamped patterns are even designed to maintain traction when the surface is wet.  Many overlays are made with polymer/cement blends, which make for increased durability, weather resistance, and even provide a different visual aspect.  Some even utilize different resins, giving them unique features, such as increased bond strength and UV resistance.  Thus, you can see that concrete overlays may bring about many benefits, but you might not know exactly what type of overlay is right for you.  Have no fear, Concrete Concepts Design is here to help you figure that out!  Check out these descriptions of various types of concrete overlays and their benefits:

Stamped Concrete Overlay Patterns

Stamped concrete overlays can provide the classic look of patterned concrete, bricks, stone, and more, while really only being installed on top of existing concrete.  By saving you from having to replace your concrete to achieve this effect, concrete overlays can end up saving you a substantial amount of money.  Although they are particularly popular for refreshing the appearance of pool decks, walkways, and driveways, they can really be applied to a wide variety of surfaces.  In fact, they can even be installed on walls and other forms of vertical concrete.  If installed properly, stamped concrete overlays will be durable and extremely easy to maintain.      

Even though they are most commonly applied outside, they can also be installed indoors, to give your home a fresh sense of style and even some extra traction where it’s needed!  This can be particularly useful in laundry rooms, foyers, and more.  In order to find out which stamp patterns provide the best traction, you can consult one of our professionals and check out our wide variety of stamped concrete overlays here.  We do not recommend installing overlays on broken or severely damaged pieces of concrete, however.  Unfortunately, they cannot solve all problems that come along with aged concrete.  Consult with one of our professionals to see if concrete resurfacing is a viable option for you!

Concrete Coloringconcrete overlays

Of course, stamping isn’t the only decorative option when it comes to overlays.  In fact, there are limitless possibilities when it comes to adding a bit of color to your concrete.  Some concretes can be mixed with any color you prefer, meaning that completely customizable hues may be produced.  In other instances, concrete may simply be stained.  Although this process doesn’t offer full customization (stains are generally limited to earthy colors like tones of red, brown, and green), it is still a great way to refresh the look of any pieces of concrete.  However, you do have more options for eccentricity!

Once a concrete overlay is installed, some more visual effects may be applied to the surface.  Colors may be topically applied to achieve some marbleizing, antiquing, and more complex effects.  Some decorative aggregates may even be spread throughout the surface of the overlay to provide an even fresher sense of style.  These might include chips of color or broken glass.  We highly recommend that you have a professional style your concrete for you, as it is not always the easiest process.  It takes someone with experience to successful achieve some of the visual effects discussed above.      

Polishing Overlays

Some concrete overlay options have polishable surfaces, which are quite elegant, due to their natural shine, and also extraordinarily easy to maintain.  In recent years, these overlays have become extraordinarily popular in both residential and commercial settings.  They are well-known for their seamless, smooth surfaces.  By the way, they can also be customized in terms of stains and textures!  Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of polishable overlays is that most of the time, concrete slab imperfections may be completely concealed by a new polished surface.    Here’s a great video about polishing concrete.

Most any existing concrete surface may be polished, to give off that ultra-shiny effect.  However, this shine will exemplify, rather than conceal, any existing damages on the old surface.  That’s why, when you are looking to add a polishable surface to your home, it is usually best to have a new concrete overlay installed.  This will ensure that your polished surface begins its life in your home, untarnished.  A new overlay is often much more affordable than polishing and concealing all of the damages in an old slab of concrete.  It can also serve to give your house yet another decorative layer.  


Concrete Concepts Design is the leader in Concrete Overlay installation services in Desert Hot Springs and the surrounding areas.  We pride ourselves on our top-quality products and personalized services.  It is our mission to make sure that your new concrete installation remains durable and stylish for years to come.  Visit our website here to schedule a free in-home estimate.  

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